Renovations to the Montgomery Center

May 24, 2017:  The design is coming together - walls are being painted!


May 19, 2017: We are continuing to make progress on phase one of the renovations - The dry wall is hung!

Restroom 051917.JPGRestroom#2 051917.JPG

Storage Area 051917.JPGAshley's office 051917.JPG

Doctors office 051917.JPGPatient room 051917.JPG

April 25, 2017:  Phase one is in progress and we are beginning to see major changes. The walls and cabinets have all been removed, piping for water and sewage have been moved for our relocated restrooms, the medical lab has been opened for expansion, and framing of the new medical rooms has begun. 

Doctors Office.jpgOld Firplace.jpg

Lab Expansion.jpgPiping for the Restroom locations.jpg

 Framing of new exam room.jpgFraming of Bathrooms.jpg

April 6, 2017:  Moving and Demo!

Within days we have seen our Center go from full, to empty, to a construction zone! We had a team from Virginia Varsity Movers help pack our offices and moving equipment/desks/boxes to storage.  R.L. Price, our contractor, began work on April 3rd and the Medical department is seeing the first changes as renovations begin! 




March 20, 2017The Community Health Center was awarded a grant to make much needed renovations to the Christiansburg facility. The changes are both aesthetic and mechanical and although primarily interior, will also include some exterior renovations: 

  • adding a sidewalk canopy covering,
  • repaving and relining the parking area.

Interior renovations will consist of:

  • renovated medical exam rooms with the addition of two new rooms,
  • renovated and expanded laboratory,
  • renovated nurse’s station,
  • expanded reception area,
  • renovated dental operatories with new dental chairs along with the addition of a new, 5th dental operatory,
  • modernized lighting and a new HVAC system,
  • new lobby and office furnishings.

The expected completion of the project is October, 2017.  In the meantime, we will continue to provide all services in Christiansburg – just within a limited space.

We’re also happy to announce that we are expanding our dental clinic in our Giles Center in Pearisburg with the addition of another operatory and larger lab. We will remain fully operational in the Giles Center and we encourage you to stop by and see our facility.

If you have questions about changes at either Center, contact us.  We will continue to provide updates about the renovations, so please check back regularly.

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