Change in Health Care Leads to Uncertainty

Michelle Brauns
Chief Executive Officer 

The health care system is changing and although few things are certain as the dust settles from the inauguration, in the health care business we do know the following:

– We anticipate that demand for our services will increase as fewer people obtain health insurance because of the uncertainty about the continuation of the federal insurance marketplace and the individual mandate.

– Currently, 68 percent of our patient population is uninsured, so this could certainly increase over the coming years. If this occurs, it will create a great strain on our financial resources and viability.

– More than ever, we need the support of advocates like you, to fight for health care equity for disenfranchised individuals and families, and to keep our Health Center strong. 

Now, more than ever, we ask that you keep the Community Health Center in mind. Please be part of our push to keep health care affordable and accessible to all.  Since our grass roots beginning as a free clinic, it’s always been the collective efforts of all of us. We need the support and involvement of our community as we face looming change. 

Help us by spreading the message of the Community Health Center and the vital role it plays in the health of our friends and neighbors.

Although the healthcare system is changing rapidly, our mission remains the same: To provide healthcare services to all in our community, regardless of ability to pay or insurance status.