Giles Smiles

Our Neighbors Found Their Smile In Giles County 

By Leah Wechtaluk McFarren
Giles Network Director
(540) 921-3502

After months of anticipation, the G-Smile Dental staff at our Pearisburg Center opened its doors and we saw our very first dental patients. This means that residents of Giles County now have a one-stop shop which allows them to access three services: dental, medical and behavioral health care, all under one roof.

As the Center’s Giles Network Director, I have personally seen how this service addition saves patients both time and trips, and facilitates the delivery of integrated head-to-toe, holistic health care.

As a Community Health Center, we focus on the importance of one-on-one interactions between our patients, physicians and staff. Many people who come to see us arrive nervous, perhaps following an unpleasant dental experience at another clinic. They may have tooth discomfort, but also know how expensive quality dental care can be. And most importantly: they worry about how they will pay. We can help with all those lingering questions. After one visit with us, our patients leave knowing any future costs, follow-up appointment dates, and they are provided a well-rounded approach for making their healthcare a priority.

With the G-Smile Dental program up and running, we are also committed to being a visible presence in the community, letting everyone know who we are, what we offer, and how to go about accessing our services.

We have attended family night events with the Giles County Head Start program, set up a booth at the Pearisburg Community Market, and attended Kindergarten registration events at Giles County Public Schools. We have many other events planned as we solidify our commitment to improving the health of Giles County.

We’ve recently placed informational billboards throughout the County, and be sure to check your mailbox for our postcards. We want to make sure all residents of Giles County have a reason to smile!

Dr. Hui Yang and Dental Assistant, Lisa Shealor on opening day of the dental clinic