The Importance of Healthy Relationships and How to Develop Them

Research states that in addition to exercise and healthy eating, socialization is an integral part of supporting optimal mental health.  Humans are social creatures and forming healthy connections with others is shown to improve “happiness” and develop resilience from past negative experiences to promote healing.  Often, we develop relationship patterns based on previous experiences and… Continue Reading

Just Calm Down!

Never, in the history of being told to calm down, has anyone calmed down! When a person truly goes in to fight-or-flight response, their sympathetic nervous system is activated, and management of bodily functions change due to a perceived threat. This sympathetic nervous system is important because it allows the body to speed up, tense… Continue Reading

Tips for a Successful Medical TeleVisit

What is a TeleVisit? A TeleVisit connects patients virtually with medical providers in real time by phone or online. Your provider can evaluate, diagnose, and treat you using technology like video conferencing and smartphones without the need for an in-person visit. TeleVisits act like an in-person doctor visit: your online provider gives you the same… Continue Reading

Emergency Responders: Tips for taking care of yourself

Responding to the public health crisis is both rewarding and challenging work. Sources of stress for emergency responders may include witnessing human suffering, risk of personal harm, intense workloads, life-and-death decisions, and separation from family. Stress prevention and management is critical for responders to stay well and to continue to help in the situation. There… Continue Reading

Community Health Center of the New River Valley Offering Tele-Visit Program

The Community Health Center of the New River Valley (CHCNRV) has implemented a new Tele-Visit Program. Simply click the link you receive via email or text in the appointment reminder your receive from the Center. During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s important to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines including putting… Continue Reading

Stress and the Holidays: Tips for Coping

The holiday season often presents a dizzying array of demands- traveling, shopping, baking, cleaning, and entertaining, to name a few. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 38 percent of people said their stress level increases during the holidays. Another survey, by the investment firm Principal Financial Group, revealed that 53 percent of… Continue Reading

Managing Rough Days

By Nora Miller Whether your car stopped working, you didn’t sleep well last night, you got into a disagreement with a friend, or you’re just not sure, none of us are strangers to the occasional “rough day.” On these days, sometimes one event (or lots of small events) can impact how we treat ourselves, our… Continue Reading

Fall Back with Self-Care

By Lauren Carter It’s that time again! While gaining an hour in the Fall may seem like a good thing, it can still affect physical and mental health. According to Pepitone (2018), when the time changes twice a year it can affect health, diet, and even lead to more accidents! Losing or gaining an hour… Continue Reading

Social Media and Mental Health for Young Adults

By: Maya Stephens Social media continues to have an ever-growing presence in our day-to-day lives, especially among youth and teens. In 2018, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter were the most popular social media sites among those 18-24 years.[1]With few signs pointing to the trend of social media’s popularity slowing down or stopping, people are… Continue Reading