We Offer Counseling That Can Help You!

By Ashley Slagel-Perry
Licensed Social Worker and Behavioral Health Program Manager

 As an integrated site, our medical and behavioral health providers work together to assist you in improving your health. Often one of our healthcare practitioners will encourage a patient to attend counseling and it can be confusing to think about what exactly it is and how to start. Sometimes, the process of starting a new relationship with a counselor can feel odd and even scary.

At the Center, our behavioral health team is comprised of a Social Worker, Psychologist and Doctoral level students from Radford University. We are all focused on helping you feel better.

Counseling is a process of self-discovery that can help people learn how to deal more effectively with situations in their lives such as:

  • Medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic pain, insomnia or cancer
  • Depression  
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma
  • Relationship problems
  • Tobacco Use

The counseling process helps people feel more comfortable with themselves and others. Counseling helps people develop skills and strategies to effectively manage their symptoms and lead productive lives. The most useful benefit of therapy is often an improvement in health and well-being. This can translate into increased self-confidence, productivity and a greater sense of vitality and peace of mind. People of any age can grow and benefit from the experience of therapy. There is no “wrong” time to begin!

If you are interested in getting started and are already a patient of the Center, call us to request an appointment with one of our counselors.  If you would like to discuss counseling options over the phone prior to making an appointment – ask to speak with me – Ashley. As the Program Manager, I can start this process with you.

If you are being seen for a medical or dental appointment and would like to meet briefly with one of our counselors – let your nurse or dental assistant know. As available, one of our counselors will meet with you during your visit to discuss your options and schedule your first appointment.